John Poor – St. Elmer Fudd

John Poor – St. Elmer Fudd

When people ask me who my heros are, I always get funny looks when I include Bugs Bunny among my list.
I mean, come on! Bugs thinks fast on his feet. He stands up for himself. He doesn’t mess with anyone unless they mess with him first. And he’s cool!
I respect that!
Now…Elmer Fudd is a character who never gets the respect he deserves. I recall Bill Murray saying that he ‘has no respect for FUDD intellectually’.
So this Fryday Night Videoh-oh parady of John Paar’s theme for the 80’s brat pack film, ‘St. Elmos Fire’ entitled, ‘St. Elmer Fudd’ gives Elmer his long overdue credit…
‘At wast!’



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