‘Lionel Richley – Hey You! See Me!’

Let me set the record straight…
Even though I made fun of these now classic videos and artists, I actually really did love a lot of them. Some have held up pretty well over the last few decades, while others are a little hard to listen to now…All that just to say…I REALLY HATED THIS SONG!!!
Lionel Richie is a master of song hooks. Lines, melodies & phrases that instantly stay in your head, making you (in most cases..) wanting to hear that song again.’Say You, Say Me’ was a sappy song that even Paul McCartney probably would’ve called ‘silly’. The bridge of the song made me cringe everytime I heard it!
And yet…It was a huge hit… Heavy radio rotation! Lionel Richie was riding a wave of commercial success.
The song was featured in the film ‘White Nights’, which starred dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines, and included clips from the film in the original music video.
My Fry Day Night Videoh-Ohs spoof entitled ‘Hey You! See Me!’ depicts my frustration of being brainwashed from pop radio, and songs like this, and allowed me to get my revenge!

Here’s the original Video


One Response to “‘Lionel Richley – Hey You! See Me!’”

  1. ::chuckles:: This is why I don’t listen to popular radio… now this song is stcuk in my head AGAIN…thanks! (grin)

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