Oh-Ho – Take Off Me

Oh-Ho – Take Off Me

It’s really hard to make fun of an original video this brilliant. I can’t say that I know much about what Aha had done after this hit… But I think it’s safe to say the video for ‘Take On Me‘ is probably one of the greatest music videos of all time. It’s a Comic art & Cartoonists dream. But, I had to do something to take it apart… So, I did what I do… Made it silly, changed the female character in the video from a comic reader, to a comic artist, and added a few references to classic comic strip icons, Mort Walker & Dik Browne & their characters, from Beetle Bailey & Hagar the Horrible.

A ‘Take off‘ is another term for a ‘spoof’, or parody, so I thought it would be funny to have the pretty boy lead singer whining about being made fun of. She gets the last word in the end as she erases him.

Take a look at the original classic video:



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