Spill Collins – Sue Sue You

Phil Collins was already pretty well known as drummer & vocalist for progressive rock band Genesis, but when he embarked on his solo career in the 80’s he totally BLEW UP with a string of hits. He & producer Hugh Padgham had completely redefined the sound of 80’s drums with that now famous ‘gated reverb’ sound. I remember when I’d first heard ‘Sussudio‘ on the radio my jaw hit the floor! Boy, was it funky! To top it off, the video for sussudio included his band which featured some of my favorite musicians, Lee Sklar, Chester Thompson, the Earth Wind & Fire horns… WOW!

The only problem was…

Sussudio isn’t a word!

It doesn’t mean anything!

Not to say that pop music has to mean anything… a lot of it doesn’t… But, hey! I had to let my man, Phil have it!

So, I wrote ‘Sue Sue You‘ and put ‘Spill Collins’ into the courtroom of the original ‘People’s Court‘. For those who may not remember, the original Judge on that show was Judge Joseph Wapner who makes a cameo on the last page here.

Walking on crutches, wearing an eye patch, and an arm sling…Spill is a little banged up here, and has a few grievances. But, I had a few grievances over the word, ‘Sussudio‘… So here’s ‘Sue Sue You’.

But first…Here’s the original video. Still funky!:



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