‘The Fry Day Night Videoh-Ohs Award Show’

After 3 years of doing video parodies, cracking on songs & artists, it seemed logical for me to give something back to all the people I made fun of. Music artists love receiving awards, right? Grammys, AMA’s, Soul Train all have awards shows… So I created the ‘Fry Day Night Videoh-Ohs Award Show’.

This special installment appeared in the final issue of ‘Hard Rock Video Magazine’ #13 October 1986, and has some of the funniest gags I ever did for this series.

Stevie Wonder holding the card upside down and presenting ‘Best Rock Female’ to Meryl Streep is a classic! I even managed to poke fun at myself on the last page along with ‘Hard Rock Magazine’ editor, Danny Fields & celebrity rock columnist, Lisa Robinson (who also contributed to the magazine), trying to get into the show.

I didn’t know the magazine was folding when I created this… But, it was a fitting end to the series, and I’m glad it made it into the final issue.

(Click the images for larger size)


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