One day around march 1985, I had dropped off one of my monthly video parodies to editor, Danny Fields when he asks me if I could do a ‘We Are The World’ cartoon for the magazine.

I knew it would be a big job to try to capture all of the 43 superstars that sang in that video, (…ok…42 if we leave out LaToya…). I was up for the challenge. It was included as a giant sized, pull out, pin up centerfold of the august 1985 issue of Rock Video Magazine


Rock Video Magazine Cover August ’85

I was very proud of it, and It turned out to be one of the biggest jobs I had during my career as an illustrator.

Over the years, the original art was damaged by a severe water leak, and I lost what was left of it after a move. I was pretty bummed out for about 5 years over it, and I thought i’d never see it again, until one night, by chance I stumbled on to the original magazine on ebay. It may seem weird for a guy over 50 to buy a pop magazine almost 30 years old, but I had to have that poster to document some of my favorite work in my career. So, I won the bid at $10.50. The magazine arrived in excellent condition like a vintage comic book. It was pretty awesome to see this art again, so right away I scanned it, and here it is, restored for prosperity.


‘We Are The World’ by Gwiz



3 Responses to “‘WE ARE THE WORLD’ CARTOON POSTER – Rock Video Magazine”

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  2. Hey gene! I’m trying to make one t shirt to appreciate your work and the t shirt company says I need a written permission to use to image for just one shirt it’d be a great pleasure if you could

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