‘Wince – When Ducks Fry’

‘Wince – When Ducks Fry’

Rock Video Magazine Editor, Danny Fields told me the Magazine would be going full color starting issue #9. Prior to that, the issues were printed on newsprint, with a few glossy pages for posters. This left me with the task of producing 3 color pages of art every month…not to mention writing the parodies. So, I started adding water color to my brush & ink line work. Again, I looked to the brilliant art of Will Elder’s ‘Little Annie Fanny‘ in Playboy as inspiration.

My Parody of Prince’s ‘When Dove’s Cry’ video, ‘When Ducks Fry‘ was my first color ‘Fry Day Night Videoh-Oh’ comic. I tried to take advantage of the water colors with the backgrounds of trees, and the lake. (minatonka?) And left some of the busy pen work I had been doing the previous comics aside for the painting.

I mentioned Weird Al Yankovick’s parodies often dealing with food as his main subjects. I think ‘When Ducks Fry’ would’ve been a great parody for him to do…If I hadn’t come up with it first. I even received fan mail from readers who wrote that they would sing ‘When Ducks Fry’ whenever Princes’ ‘When Doves Cry’ was on the radio. That was cool. ‘Long Live Wince!

(Prince is famous for removing video links of his material online. Thankfully, he hasn’t made any attempts to remove this cartoon… yet…)

But, trust me, ..It looked something like this:

When Ducks Fry Pg.1

When Ducks Fry Pg.1

When Ducks Fry Pg.2

When Ducks Fry Pg.2

When Ducks Fry Pg.3

When Ducks Fry Pg.3


One Response to “‘Wince – When Ducks Fry’”

  1. I enjoyed that. Followed you from Etienne’s FB. You gave me the smile I needed tonight.

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