‘Cyndi Looper – Girls Just Wanna Have Money’

Without a doubt one of the best parodies I’ve ever done! Cyndi LaupersGirls Just Wanna Have Fun‘ is a classic girls anthem that has stood the test of time for the last 25 years, and in my mind ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Money‘ is a classic that will never get old.

I’m really proud of the art work in this one…You can see the influence Will Elder & Harvey Kurtzman had on me at the time. I had just discovered their classic ‘Goodman Beaver‘ series (which was their predecessor to their OTHER classic ‘Little Annie Fanny.’) I studied both alot!

I also feel the writing holds up with some of the best SCTV/early SNL parodies much less anything MAD has done, and If I could’ve done a live action version of any of my parodies..it would be this one. The ending is classic Blues Brothers too! Check ‘Dirty Harry, Capt. Frank Furrillo from Hill St. Blues, & Dick Tracy in the last 2 panels.

Here’s the original:



3 Responses to “‘Cyndi Looper – Girls Just Wanna Have Money’”

  1. congraculations


  3. Justine (my 8 year old) is going to love this!

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