Eddie Murkie – Money All The Time

Eddie Murkie – Money All The Time
The 80’s certainly were great years for Eddie Murphy. Breaking out from post Lorne Micheals Saturday Night Live, to almost overnight superstar status with block buster films like 48 hours & Beverly Hill’s Cop. He was hot, & seemed like he was everywhere. So when he released an album singing R&B, and had a dance hit with ‘Party All The Time‘, I felt it was time to have a little fun. Originally published in 1986, ‘Money All The Time’ pokes fun at some of the success Eddie had as well as the power that comes along with it. ‘Money All The Time’ also poked fun at the original tracks producer, Rick James (Rick Germs) long before Dave Chapelle’s famous bit. ‘It needs more…ME!!’ is a classic line.

Remember the original Music Video? Take a look:



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