Stung – If They’re Stuck In Jail, Get Them Freed

This parody of Sting’s ‘If You Love Someone Set Them Free’ video called ‘If They’re Stuck In Jail, Get Them Freed!’, is another of my favorites. I think the writing was good & the art is pretty tight…But the main reason I like it is because it features a lot of friends of mine who I wound up working with several years later.
Janice Pendarvice (a Myspace & Facebook friend) was one of Stings Background singers, and has done several Black Rock Coalition shows with me. Drummer, Omar Hakim is a queens Kat I’ve known for years, as well as his brother Quabid. Darryll Jones on Bass…we’ve run into each other a few times. He currently plays with the Rolling Stones. the Late, Legendary Kenny Kirkland on Keys…also from queens. Branford
I love Sting, but I probably had more respect for the people in his band… So the possibility of the band eventually taking over the session, as well as them performing this song as prisoners in a prison cell still seems funny to me.

Here’s the original video by Sting:




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